Reconsidering the Percolator
Coffee Lovers Magazine, August 2016
(republished in Contemporary Contempt)

Embrace Your Ignorance and Just Get Started (Again)
Women Who Submit, March 2016

The medical procedure that ‘The Blacklist’ blacklisted
Hello Giggles, February 2016

Why Roz Doyle is Secretly the Hero of ‘Frasier’
Hello Giggles, December 2015

Fall Back: Readers Report (2nd to last contribution)
The Rumpus, November 2015

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 “Lost is Found” series

Writing the crisis out of existentialism through the social life of things. Celebrate the trials, triumphs, and social lives of inanimate objects with monthly stories delivered to your inbox.

Agapanthus: a tale of micro-aggression

Ordinary Diversions


“Tract Home Take Down”

Book Reviews

Reservoir 13, Jon McGregor
The Literary Review

The Quarry Fox and other Critters of the Wild Catskills, Leslie T. Sharpe
The Literary Review

What to Do About the Solomons, Bethany Ball
The Literary Review

Grandmothers at Work: Juggling Families and Jobs, Madonna Harrington Meyer.
Anthropology & Aging 2016: 37(1), pp.59-60

Aging, the Individual, and Society, 10th edition, Susan M. Hillier & Georgia M. Barrow.
Anthropology & Aging 2015: 36 (2)

Pathways Through the Transitions of Care for Older Adults, eds Dilworth-Anderson and Palmer
Anthropology & Aging Quarterly 2013: 34 (3)

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Contemporary Contempt

Exploring the frustrations and occasional delights of contemporary U.S. culture from the comfort of an anthropological armchair.

Why Can’t I Eat My Dog? ~ an advice column for the culturally curious 

Submit questions about U.S. society to an armchair anthropologist. Answers appear in Contemporary Contempt and the Serious Rachel newsletter.

Books, not People

Reflections on the books I’m reading and why their company is superior to that of the average human being.